Automated product quality assessment with AI

In the food industry, where labor shortages are becoming more serious while stable quality is required, we are actively promoting initiatives to reduce the number of employees in the quality inspection process. For example, at the production site of foods with various individual differences, e.g. bread and sweets, the standard inspection such as scorching, uneven baking, cracking or chipping. Many of these inspections are done manually, making it difficult to quantify the criteria for good or bad products.

This system employs an image determination service called Y’s-Eye, which uses deep learning AI technology to automatically determine complex No-Good patterns with the same level of accuracy as humans. Because the interface does not require expert knowledge of AI or image processing, the introduction difficulty is lowered. If additional learning is repeated, detection accuracy can be further improved, and inspection efficiency and quality can be stabilized. As a manufacturer of industrial robots, Yaskawa offers total solutions, including options for robots to eliminate defective products.

Further demands in the food industry include various inspection processes, such as contamination inspection, toppings leakage inspection, and packaging and appearance inspection. In addition to food products, we have achieved results in a number of industries, including quality inspection of industrial parts such as metals, and detection inspection of contamination during plastic molding.

Yaskawa’s solution concept, i3-Mechatronics, goes beyond automating factory facilities through digital data management. We will ensure stable production quality by automating the “inspection process” using AI, which must rely on the skills and experience of expert workers, and by accumulating digital data from “manufactured products.”.

Automated product quality judgement with AI

Other solutions

  • Production Production
  • Quality Quality
  • Maintenance Maintenance

Shorter installation time

AI picking

AI Picking

By utilizing the AI technology “Alliom” developed by Yaskawa Group, the installation time to actual operation is drastically shortened, and the accuracy to actual machine can also be improved.

Production Production

Flexible production

High Variety and Variable Quantity Production

High Variety and Variable Quantity Production

By using digital data to manage automated production lines, setup can be prepared automatically without manual intervention, enabling high variety and variable quantity production from a minimum of one unit.

Production Production
Autonomous distributed manufacturing

Autonomous Distributed Manufacturing

Digital data such as the torque value, vibration value, and temperature of the servomotor is absorbed into the controller, and the robot can think for itself how to move.

Production Production

Accuracy improvement

 Accuracy improvement of defect cause analysis Yaskawa case

Accuracy Improvement of Defect Cause Analysis < Yaskawa Case >

By “visualizing” the operation status of equipment/devices with Yaskawa Cockpit, it is possible to identify the root cause by comparing the normal value and abnormal value of the data in the factor analysis for defects in production.

Quality Quality

Failure prediction

Predictive failure diagnosis of equipment

Predictive Failure Diagnosis of Equipment

To reduce downtime to zero by performing planned maintenance in anticipation of equipment failure due to wear, etc., in response to concerns that production may become impossible due to the sudden shutdown or something else.

Maintenance Maintenance

Recovery support

Investigating the cause of equipment failure

Investigating the Cause of Equipment Failure

By acquiring quality data on when, with which equipment, and how it was processed, it is possible to accurately identify the cause of the problem between which equipment and equipment at the time of failure.

Maintenance Maintenance
Faster Recovery Simulation

Faster Recovery Simulation

The planning technology that Yaskawa developed automatically generates optimal paths, enabling simulation in a few minutes and dramatically reducing engineering time for recovery from sudden stop.

Maintenance Maintenance