L1000 - Lift Applications

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Best Solutions for your Lift Applications!

Matching Every Need

•   Runs induction and synchronous motors
•   Designed compact for tight machine rooms
•   Compatible with a wide range of encoders
•   Reduced operation time and more powerful braking
•   Loaded with auto-tuning features

Smooth, Comfortable Ride

•   Smooth Operation
•   Overshoot and anti-vibration control
•   High performance starting torque without sensors
•   Variety of braking functions


•   Rescue operation
•   Safe disable function
•   Safe disable function
•   Preventive warnings
•   Long-life performance


•   High efficiency – Energy savings
•   High performance – Low harmonic distortion

Easy Setup and Maintenance

•   Terminal block with parameter backup
•   Easy Set-up
•   DriveWizard Plus

European Standard EN81-1+A3 (incorporating Unintended Car Movement)


When ordering L1000 drives with EN81-1+A3 specification, please quote CIMR-LC4Fxxxxxxx-9130 




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