FSDrive-LV1H Series

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Upholding the reliable quality of Yaskawa's system AC drives, the FSDrive-LV1H series combines high performance and sophisticated functions with space savings, reduced maintenance requirements, and improved RAS functions to provide the ultimate variable-speed system.

PLC function

Delivers the high performance and advanced functions required for industrial variable-speed machinery.

Data processing capacity has been greatly enhanced, as the inverter features an ASIC for drives developed by Yaskawa and a controller with a 32-bit RISC processor.


Advanced control functions

Vibration control (torque observer), external flux command, and other advanced control functions are provided on all models. This facilitates construction of a flexible and high-performance drive system.


Supports a variety of control modes

V/f Control, V/f Control with PG, Open Loop Vector Control, Closed Loop Vector Control, Open Loop Vector Control for PM∗1 and Closed Loop Vector Control for PM are all possible.

∗1 :    Permanent-magnet synchronous motor

LV1HM Unit


Compliant with a variety of networks

The units are connected to each other by Yaskawa's high speed communications CP-215. An existing system can be easily replaced because connections with the host PLC can be made via PROFIBUS-DP∗2, Yaskawa's field network CP-213, or other communications protocols by using adapters.

∗2 :    PROFIBUS-DP is a trademark of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International.


Loaded with EMS?3 Control

The inverter drive comes loaded with EMS Control, providing EMS power supply capability without requiring extra equipment.

∗3 :    Electromagnetic stirring

50% greater storage efficiency than our previous models

Super Enhanced Space Efficiency

The FSDrive-LV1HM enables the multiple stacking of drawer units. The world's smallest class of inverter control modules are employed for drawer units, bringing even greater storage efficiency. Control boards, output contactors and other parts are efficiently housed.


A 35% smaller footprint than our previous models

All drawer units are accessible from the front, eliminating the need for a work space behind the panel.


Flexibility in unit arrangements

The optimal unit arrangement for the system can be achieved, as units with different capacities can be installed within the same panel.

200 V Class
Capacity kwNumber of
contained unit
Panel dimensions
(W×H×D) mm
0.4 to 7.5 12 800×2300×600
11 9
15 to 18.5 7
22 6


400 V Class
Capacity kwNumber of
contained unit
Panel dimensions
(W×H×D) mm
0.4 to 7.5 12 800×2300×600
11 to 15 9
18.5 7
22 to 30 6
37 to 45 5


Integrate Inverter Drive with Peripheral Devices

Unit-type construction enables easy maintenance.

Restoration time after error can be significantly reduced by replacement of a unit.
•    The digital operator provided on the front of each unit displays the error type, making it easy to locate errors.
•    The terminal-free connector employed for the input and output main circuits eliminates the need for wiring.
•    Detachable terminal block allows replacement of any unit without the need to remove the external I/O wiring.
•    Programs and data settings for the controller can be downloaded from the PC (EWS). Transport addresses can be set with a switch.
•    Easy replacement in the event of a failure (Failure recovery time: no more than 30 minutes)

Enhanced RAS functions utilizing the inverter support tool

High-Quality Preventive Maintenance

The status of all inverters connected by CP-215, including their parameter settings, monitoring, and fault displays, can be monitored simultaneously by connecting the PC to the host PLC and using the inverter support tool CP-717.
•    Operating condition monitoring and parameter setting functions
•    Enhanced self-diagnosis and remaining-life prediction functions
•    Traceback for fault analysis and fault history display
•    Enhanced monitor functions
•    Autotuning for adjustment support
(Setting of speed and other control parameters, and guidance)

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